Friday, April 6, 2012

Deadweather and Sunrise: The Chronicles of Egg #1 by Geoff Rodkey

Title: Deadweather and Sunrise
Author: Geoff Rodkey
Publisher: Putnam
Pub date: May 29, 2012
Reviewer: Stephen (10)
Rating:  4½  Cheeseburgers

This is my book review of Deadweather and Sunrise. It’s about a boy named Egbert who lives on a really dirty and smelly island called Deadweather, but goes to another island called Sunrise Island on a vacation every year. His family disappeared on a hot air balloon, but a rich merchant takes him in. Afterward, the merchant gets angry when he didn’t sign an adoption thing, and the merchant sends someone to kill him, but things go awry and Egbert escapes and stows away on a ship, which is captured by pirates, he lands back on Sunrise. He tries to escape to Deadweather because there may be a treasure on it.

This story reminds me of Pirates of the Caribbean, but is a completely different story and is a very good read. The thing that grabbed me about this book is that I like pirate adventure books very much. This book is good for ages 10-13, and also for adults who like pirate books. My rating for this is 4½ cheeseburgers.

This book has a trailer, where you can hear the author discussing his work:

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