Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Rutabaga: Adventure Chef by Eric Colossal

Title: Rutabaga: Adventure Chef
Author: Eric Colossal
Publisher: Abrams Books
Reviewer: Snowden
Age: 11

     This is a review of the book “Rutabaga the Adventure Chef” Eric Colossal.  It’s a graphic novel. I am going to start explaining this book now. It’s about a young boy named Rutabaga who meets three young adventurers. Winn their leader, Manny the injured, and Beef the tank.
     When the adventure begins Rutabaga decided that he wanted to go with them on their journey to kill the all mighty dragon that destroyed their castle. When they finally get to the cave where the dragon lives they find nothing but an egg. When Rutabaga tries to cook it a baby dragon pops out! He ran away but after a while they caught up with it. It was with its mom the Mighty dragon. All three adventurers were wiped out except for Rutabaga the ADVENTURE chef.  He pulled out some exploding mushrooms and threw them at the dragon and killed it. 
You think that’s a lot of action? Well get ready that was only the first chapter!
     I am not going to write down the whole book (in case someone wants to read it.) But in the end here I would like to say, I really enjoyed reading this book I would recommend it to 8-10 year olds because there is a little death and darkness in this book, but it’s also funny and charming too!! I guarantee you will have a blast reading this book. I know I did!!!


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