Friday, May 18, 2012

Ricky Vargas: The Funniest Kid in the World by Alan Katz

Title: Ricky Vargas: The Funniest Kid in the World
Author: Alan Katz
Publisher: Scholastic
Publication Date: June 2012
Reviewer: Sadie (8)
Rating: 5 Cheeseburgers

Ricky Vargas is a really really really funny book. I loved it! I would buy the second book of it. It's kinda like Diary of a Wimpy Kid but better. I think you should read it. I hope you like it! This is not really just one story. There are three stories in it. My favorite one was the "Vargish" story. Ricky's last name is Vargas, and he made up his own language. It's called "Vargish." It was my favorite because at one point the teacher told Ricky to stop speaking Vargish, and she tried to speak Vargish so he would understand. But what she said to him in his way was "Please dance around on one foot with a book on your head." And so he did that, and of course it made the teacher and all the students laugh. It's a really funny story. If you have this book, I hope you will like it. Since I'm a girl, and it's about a boy, both boys and girls should like it, because it's really funny.

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